I protest

I Protest…

Republican Party hypocrisies:

Embracing a nostalgic notion of a past that never really existed instead of continually striving to improve our nation, its government and policies,

Policies based on wishful thinking and dogma rather actual scientific observation,

Self-proclaimed patriotism (Samuel Johnson, English moralist, wrote that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel),

Symbolism over the rights of fellow citizens,

Private deals with foreign countries (sometimes known as treason),

Trickle-down philosophy (it doesn’t work, never has, never will; it runs contrary to human nature, and free enterprise theory),

Pandering of extremists (social, racial and religious),

Voting fraud by legislation (gerrymandering, unequal and unreasonable voter registration requirements),

Abandonment of national parks and treasures to neglect or private interests,

Unequal protections under the law due to racial, economic, and religious profiling, (elitism)

Financing of tax cuts for higher incomes by reducing social and economic programs for the less fortunate, while failing continually to balance the federal budget or reducing the national deficit they condemn so vehemently,

More concern for bank accounts than the lives of people,

Labeling of upper ten percent income earners as “middle class”,

The blaming of social and public programs for a bloated national deficit when the elephant in the room has always been the defense (war) budget.

Foreign policy by threats and bullying instead of statesmanship,


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Illusionists, Elitists, and Shamans: An American Oligarchy

Now available as trade paperback and e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets( several characters were reprised from Talking to Crayfish.)

In a sense, any story of fiction is an alternate-universe story.
This is a work of fiction.

Picture the United States where the income gap equals the gap experienced before the Great Depression in the era of Robber Barons, where the top 1% incomes tripled while the 99% average only 1/6th of that in the same amount of time: where that same 1% has sent job after job to foreign countries who care little about employee safety or working conditions, while blaming unionism for the loss of work.
Picture a country where George Orwell’s nightmare vision in the novel, 1984, and its New Speak:
War is Peace,
Freedom is Slavery,
Ignorance is strength,
has been replaced by:
Common courtesy is Political Correctness,
Protection of Constitutional rights is Big Government,
Tax breaks for the wealthy is Tax Reform,
The highest income 1% is Middle Class,
Questioning federal policy is unpatriotic,
Forcing limits on unbelievers is Religious Freedom,
And lack of union protection is the Right to Work.
It is a country where quality of health care is dictated by business expediency, and homeless camps are reminiscent of the hobo camps of the 1930s. It is a country where the President has removed words like empowerment, trans-gender and science-based from language allowed to be used by federal agencies. The FBI has been instructed to end investigations of white supremacists while Muslims, Latinos, and any minority that dares protest injustice are demonized as the Jews and Poles were by Nazi Germany.

This is an alternate universe story.
Or is it?

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Shoes of the Law A Basketball Story

Print version available now on Lulu.com.

Available in January on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other distributers

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Past Addresses

Three extraordinary people struggle against the abuse of power and authority: a black ops anti-terrorist agent, an environmental terrorist, and a high school sports hero.

It is now available in print from Lulu.com, and Amazon Books.

Look for E-books on Lulu.com, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Book Nook.

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Talking to Crayfish

The newspapers called her the Lakeside Lolita, and he was the apparent heir to a small-town mob boss.  But they were each other’s only hope in a ’60s environment of prejudice, bigotry, child abuse, and apathy.


Talking to Crayfish is now available at Lulu.com, Amazon.com. and Barnes & Noble.com as well as other on-line outlets.

Find E-books on Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Book Nook.

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Song of the Eclectic Tambourine

In 1968  Marc, member of the band, “The Eclectic Tambourine,” falls in love with two young women as disparate as the times: one, a self-styled hippie with dreams of social reform, and the other, a beauty bound for stardom.


Available at Lulu.com, and Amazon Books.

Ebooks available through Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Book Nook.

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